WHMCSLAB - Created by whmcslab.com


Who We Are?

WHMCSLAB was founded to provide visual and software services through the website www.whmcslab.com, exclusively for hosting companies using the WHMCS system or producing other internet projects.

In fact, the WHMCSLAB team has developed various modules, ready themes and numerous private projects to the WHMCS system for years. Until 2012, it has served in the areas of WHMCS license, whmcs ready themes, whmcs private services and modules, under the trade name Aktif Bilisim. In 2013, we created a platform where we can focus on WHMCS system at a higher level, and started the works for renewing our services under the name of WHMCSLAB.

Now as WHMCSLAB, by working harder on many whmcs modules, ready designs, and special projects, we will fulfill the needs of all companies using WHMCS, and set our hands to amazing works beyond the standards.

WOn 26 May 2010, WHMCSLAB team signed the partnership agreement, according to which it can provide licensing services both in Turkey and all around the World, under the name of Aktif Bilisim. Until the time when WHMCS terminated the distributorship agreements with all authorized companies, we also provided licensing services. After this process we have ceased license sales, as all other WHMCS distributors around the world, and focused on module and theme development services.

WHMCSLAB is maintaining and developing projects with a purpose of correct, quality, trust and understanding principles. We aim this progression to get to the top with the support and interest of our customers and we work for adding new ones according to your needs.