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Documentation - FAQ

  • Installation

    Installation is quite easy. All you have to do is to load the files from FTP and activate the module from WHMCS Admin panel. You can find installation data in the module files sent to you

  • Does your module include language support?

    Our module is developed in English, Turkish, Italian, German, Portuguese and French; you can select the language from module settings. If you wish, you can create a custom language file and have all data changed

  • Can i test your module before buying it?

    Unfortunately no, instead we offer 100% refund guarantee. You may receive the full price you paid within 15 days following the date of purchase.

  • Are version updates paid?

    Updates within the annual license option are fully free. For the life-time license option, a small annual fee is charged for support and update services. Further information concerning this is provided in the order page.

  • How will i know there is an update?

    You will receive e-mail notifications when new versions are released. In addition, general notifications will be made through our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

  • Do i need to install any additional software?

    Absolutely not, you can start using it by activating module files, there is no need to install something such as SSH2 protocol to your servers! Vmtools that installed on virtual servers is enough for all management buttons to work properly.

  • Are clients able to manage when i suspend them?

    No, you can suspend and unsuspend them by entering your client's product page. Clients who has suspended servers are not able to see and use management buttons.

  • How will i add my servers?

    Don't worry! We don't get your server informations via special page unlike the other many modules on the market, we hope you are aware of this kind danger. You can add your esx servers like cPanel and other servers in SERVER page which is inside your WHMCS System.

  • Can i use your module with another domain?

    No, your module is licenced for only 1 site. If you change domain and ip, you need to get it licenced to your new domain by making reissue from your client panel.

  • Can I customize the page of the area you use in the module?

    Yes; we have developed a template system for this in the Pro Esx Module v5, and we have made the .tpl file fully customizable.

  • Can I customize the graphs?

    We have prepared 3 separate options for the fragmented disk graphs and made the colors in these graphs easily customizable.

  • Can I customize the status bars?

    You can easily rearrange the color scales on status bars from the module management panel. We plan to offer much more options in the following releases.

You can ask us all your questions. For this, please send us a support ticket through the website www.whmcslab.com, or reach us through the Contact Form.


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