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Pricing Tables & Order

$/One Time $/Year
License Type Type of license can be
used indefinitely *
Annual license is a
type that can be used
Unlimited Servers yes yes
All Properties yes yes
Setup FREE yes yes
Support Unlimited Email/Ticket
Support **
Unlimited Email/Ticket
Unlimited Reissue yes yes
Updates 1 Year Included ** Lifetime and Free
Order Order Now Order Now

Close As you know, this site was created with the purpose of introducing the Pro Esx Module in the best possible way. When you give order by clicking the BUY button, you will be redirected to our real website whmcslab.com, from where you can complete all your actions!

Close All of our licenses come with an unconditional 15 day return guarantee

* By purchasing the life-time license, you will only make a single payment for Pro Esx Module.

** The life-time license option comes with a free-of-charge support package and update package valid for 1 year following your purchase. At the end of the 1 year period, a yearly cost of 10 USD is charged for taking advantage of these services and following all updates. In order to take advantage of these updates, you will be charged only 10 USD for a year. As promised, for the first year you will only pay the life-time license price and no further payment will be required. Only at the end of the 1 year period, you can pay the annual fee if you want to take advantage of the innovations and keep on receiving technical support. In this way, the life-long license becomes cheaper than the annual license option, by the end of the next year.