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Esx Addon V5.4.0 & Patch for WHMCS 7.1

  • Fixed design issues on WHMCS v7 and added a patch (by WHMCS Ltd.) for WHMCS 7.1.

Esx Addon V5.4.0

  • Fixed design issues on WHMCS v6 and revamped for WHMCS Six.

Esx Addon V5.3.2

  • Fixed Bug : Cron's php errors.
  • Fixed Bug : Incorrect admin path url.

Esx Addon V5.3.2

  • guestMemory limit and usage values fixed.
  • Automatically unsuspensions fixed when an invoice marked as paid.

Esx Addon V5.3.1

  • Css bugs fixed

Esx Addon V5.3

Esx Module was adapted to WHMCS 5.3 version

  • Changed the SSH protocol as few changes protocols for third addons in WHMCS 5.3
  • Added a new SSH security rules for WHMCS 5.3
  • Fixed Bootstrap 3 and Google API

Esx Addon V5.2

Esx Module was adapted to WHMCS 5.2 version

Esx Addon V5.1

Esx Module was adapted to WHMCS 5.1 version

Pro Esx Addon v5

Close Pro Esx Module runs in full compatibility with the vSphere software. Just as the way installing vmtools on your virtualized servers makes these software run more stable, Pro Esx Addon will run with full compatibility with your virtual servers, on which vmtools was installed.

WHMCS 5 was rearranged according to the changing module rules. Page speed was improved by strengthening Ajax infrastructure.

  • The most requested template support is added: with the .tpl file, you can fully configure these parts according to your website.
  • Server "user name" and "password" information are made visible.
  • Ram, Disk and CPU usage information are added.
  • Status bars are added to Ram, Disk and CPU general usage information.
  • Status bar styles and colors is made customizable.
  • In Disk usage details, 3 separate graphic presentations are enabled.
  • Display and usage status of each fragmented area of each disk is shown.
  • Three selectable templates are added to disc graphs.
  • Colors in disc graphs are made customizable.
  • Customizable language option is made easier to be activated.

Esx Addon V4

Queries sent to the servers are carried out on process basis with Ajax infrastructure and 12% faster page loading was enabled.

Esx Addon V3

Esx Module was adapted to WHMCS 5 versions.

Esx Addon V2

Esx Module was adapted to WHMCS 4.5 version and system errors were fixed.

Esx Addon V1.1

Shutdown and Reboot features were added with Vmtools support.