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Terms OF Services

This contract includes whmcs module sales carried out over only www.whmcslab.com, www.whmcstema.com , www.aktiftema.com , www.whmcslisans.com , whmcsesxaddon.com, esxaddon.com, whmcsesxaddon.net, esxaddon.net

  1. Purchased modules may not be sold to any other person or organization regardless of what reason.
  2. Whmcs modules purchased from WHMCSLAB may be returned within the 15 days following the purchase. Besides of this, there is no other way to return or change the product with another product.
  3. Products, the copyright of which belongs to WHMCSLAB, may not be put up for sale or display in anywhere, even if reference is made.
  4. Payment of the price for purchase has to be made in advance and in cash.
  5. WHMCSLAB does not share client's information with 3rd parties while providing technical service to the client.
  6. Technical support is provided in the case that there is a problem in the module files.
  7. In case of special support demands, such as design based positioning, WHMCSLAB may apply a charge for such services.
  8. WHMCSLAB reserves the right to change the stocks and prices of all modules being sold.
  9. WHMCSLAB is not obliged to provide technical support for the processes concerning additional service providers used in the module.
  10. Clients purchasing from the site are deemed to have accepted these terms.